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The Fund pays an ordinary death benefit to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries of deceased participants.  For active participants age 49 and under, the death benefit amounts to $12,000.00 and is reduced by $400.00 for each year over age 49 to a minimum of $6,000.00.  A participant on disability is treated as though he were in active service in this regard.  Eligible beneficiaries for participants retired after January 1, 1962, in receipt of retirement benefits as stated in section 6-150, and whose separation from service (active duty) was effective on or after the participant’s  attainment of age 50, and application for such annuity was made within 60 days after separation from service (active duty), receive $6,000.00.

In order to request a new Death Benefit Directive to change your beneficiaries on file at the Pension Office, please click on the following link. In the subject line, please indicate Death Benefit Directive Request, and please include your name, your address and the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the e-mail.

A new Death Benefit Directive will be mailed to you. Please indicate your new beneficiary(ies) on the card and mail it back to the Pension Office in the envelope provided.   Don't just add to the Directive, indicate all your beneficiaries as the new card will completely replace the card currently in your file.

Once the new Death Benefit Directive is received, your beneficiaries will be changed and you will receive confirmation via the mail.


Click Here to request a new Death Benefit Directive


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