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The City of Chicago collects 1.45% of annual salary for a participant’s coverage in Medicare for all employees hired after April 1, 1986.

The City of Chicago currently provides health care benefits for its active and retired employees and their dependents through two separate programs; the City of Chicago health care program for active employees and the City of Chicago health care program for annuitants.  Your age, years of service and circumstances of your separation from service will dictate which of these programs you may be eligible to participate in.  A participant’s wife  and eligible children under age 26, may also be covered for additional monthly amounts under the parameters of these programs or applicable laws.

As of July 1, 2003, and through June 30, 2013, the parameters for eligibility and the coverage available within the City of Chicago Health Care Program for Annuitants is determined by a Settlement Agreement in the Korshak lawsuit

Currently, widow’s receiving widow’s annuity benefits may be eligible to participate in the City of Chicago health care program for annuitants provided they and their deceased spouse was a participant in such plan prior to death.

The Firemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund serves only as a conduit to enroll eligible members in the City’s employer sponsored health care plans and to collect and forward authorized payment of premiums from your benefit check to them. 

All questions concerning eligibility or plan coverage should be directed to The City of Chicago Benefits Management Office at (312) 744-8660.

Current health insurance rates and available plans for annuitants can be found at the link below:

Refund of Premium Information

Contact Numbers:

Department of Finance - Benefits Management Division: (877) 299-5111
Blue Advantage HMO (Medical): (800) 730-8504
EyeMed Vision (Blue Advantage HMO): (866) 273-0817
Unicare Performance HMO (Medical): (312) 234-8855
UniView Vision (Unicare Performance HMO): (888) 884-8428
Blue Cross and Blue Shield (PPO and Blue Edge HCA): (800) 772-6895
Davis Vision (PPO and BlueEdge HCA): (800) 999-5431
Encompass (PPO and BlueEdge HCA Medical Advisor): (800) 373-3727
Caremark Prescription Drugs (PPO and BlueEdge HCA): (866) 748-0028
CompBenefits Dental PPO: (800) 837-2341
BlueCare Dental HMO: (800) 323-7201
PayFlex (2007 FSA Services): (800) 284-4885
Ceridian (2006 FSA Services): (877) 799-8820
Nationwide Retirement Solutions (Deferred Compensation): (312) 443-1975
Metropolitan Life (Universal Life Insurance): (800) 634-5007
Prudential (Term Life Insurance): (800) 778-3827
Standard Insurance (Long Term Disability: (800) 368-1135


Firemen's Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago
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