Accumulation of Service Credits

Participants earn service credit in the Fund during all periods in which they perform the duties of their position and all periods of vacation, leave of absence with whole or part pay, leave of absence during which the participant was engaged in the military or naval service of the United States of America, and periods of disability for which the participant receives any disability benefit provided that the fireman elects to make the contributions to the Fund according to the provisions of the Code.

Purchase of Eligible Additional Service Credits
Participants may opt to purchase additional service credits in certain situations including; periods of suspension from duty not to exceed a total of one year during the total period of service of the participant, and 1980 strike time not to exceed 23 days in accordance with an agreement with the City on a settlement of the strike. Participants must elect to make the required contributions in accordance with the provisions of this Article as though they were an active participant, based upon the salary attached to the civil service rank held by the participant during such absence from duty.

No payments for overtime or extra service credit shall be included in computing service of a participant and not more than one year or a proper fractional part thereof of service shall be allowed for service rendered during any calendar year.

Service Credit for Prior Military Service
Active participants that served in the Armed Forces of the United States prior to employment with the Chicago Fire Department may purchase up to 24 months of service credits for pension purposes. There is no deadline for active eligible participants to purchase these credits

Service Credit for Employment with the Chicago Police Active participants that are formerly members of the Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago may transfer service credits earned in that fund to the Firemen’s Fund upon application to the Policemen’s Fund and payment to the Firemen’s Fund of all statutorily required contributions.

Nationwide Direct Transfer Form